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Announcing the Extraction Community - for CO2 Extraction, Distillation and Experimentation.

Daniel Luebke

We are pleased to invite you to join The Extraction Community - an online hub for all things related to botanical extraction, distillation and plant processing. 

The Community's content is driven by its members - hundreds of thousands of other extractors from around the world. What sort of content can you expect to find? Information and secrets to getting higher yields, distillation techniques, equipment insights and more. If you have a question you'd like the world to answer you now have a place to ask!

Within hours of launch, prominent members of the extraction industry had joined and contributed to the Community, including Heylo Cannabis, Reverend Cannabis and Golden Barn.

Join us and help advance the world of botanical and CO2 extraction!

The Extraction Community 2017-08-08-community.png

August 09, 2017