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CannabisFN Interviews Eden Labs CEO AC Braddock on the Evolving Extraction Industry

Eden Labs Team

Recently CannabisFN, a leading news site, creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis, sat down with Eden Labs' CEO AC Braddock to discuss matters of importance to extraction and the cannabis industry.

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The interview offers insights into Eden Labs history, growth and potential future. We've included an excerpt from the full interview below: 

RG:  What sets Eden Labs apart from potential competitors?

AB:  Longevity, vision and connectivity. We pioneered the extraction space in Cannabis for instance. We still have the most efficient technology, and we’re continually improving it. In the modern world, I think it is crucial that businesses are connected with consumers and trends in a way that is directly associated with mission statement, and modern business practice, like being a socially responsible corporate entity. That has really made our brand unbelievably strong and respected and has also created a tremendous amount of trust.

Another thing that makes us unique is our extensive knowledge in of all kinds botanical extractions. We have made systems for flavoring companies, Bio-fuels, herbal liquors and the nutraceutical market, which is a $200-plus billion industry worldwide, and it is also one of the fastest growing markets. It’s very similar to cannabis, where you’re taking plants and using them nutritionally and medicinally to promote health and wellness, and to substitute synthetic products that people are tired of putting in and on their bodies.

That is our mission as a company – to be able to push that technology through multiple different industries and scale them. 

CFN Media Interview with AC Braddock

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January 12, 2018