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Eden Labs Highlighted on Leafly Podcast "What Are You Smoking?"

Eden Labs Team

Eden Labs was the subject of much conversation on a recent episode of "What Are You Smoking?" by Leafly. What sets Eden Labs apart? Hear from a current Eden Labs customer, former team-member and industry pioneer, Lo Friesen, on what she feels makes Eden Labs and the company's systems the obvious choice for extraction technology. 

"We wouldn't have CO2 extraction in cannabis today without Eden Labs."

- Laurel Friesen, CEO, Heylo

In this Podcast, you'll learn about:

  • Entering the Cannabis industry with Eden Labs (5:10)
  • Why CO2? (10:10)
  • Eden Labs and the female leadership movement in cannabis (13:20)
  • "(Eden Labs) systems are built to work for you." (14:50)
  • Whole Plant Extraction vs. Isolation with Eden (16:10)
  • "I feel like we should all have champagne right now just to cheers to Eden Labs" (18:10)

Listen to the Podcast

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August 20, 2018