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Eden Labs Leading The Way [Cannabis Brightline]

Eden Labs Team

Cannabis Brightline is a monthly magazine that works to facilitate growth in the industry by giving our readers a look at successful industry leaders. In April 2019 they featured Eden Labs in the following article. 

Eden Labs Brings Precision and Safety to the New Cannabis Era

Written by Karen Hawthorne

It's a brave new world for botanical extractions and in particular, cannabinoid extractions. With Canada's recent legalization of cannabis, there is now a large and growing new market of consumers that would have been unthinkable just 10 years ago. 

As products move into the mainstream and demand is on the rise, it's the extraction processes of cannabinoids and their distillation that is driving the variety and complexity of cannabis-related products available today - everything from edibles to perfumes and cosmetics. 

At the epicenter of botanical extraction and distillation is the Seattle-based Eden Labs, the industry trailblazer, designing precision equipment for producing plant-based therapies for over two decades. More than an equipment manufacturer, CEO A.C. Braddock explains, Eden Labs is a full-on R&D company that makes top-of-the-line equipment for speed, purity, and high yield to support product development for botanicals.

"Our engineering reflects the optimal methodology for extraction and distillation of targeted botanical compounds," Braddock says. Clearly, it's all about the science. 

As the cannabis industry ramps up, producers are also scaling up their operations and looking for larger volume equipment. Eden Labs is becoming the go-to for industrial-size equipment, like its Hi-Flo™ FX2 2x20-liter model. In fact, it's Eden Labs' capacity to scale up its equipment to larger volumes - without compromising on precise measurement - that puts the company firmly in the sweet spot of the rapidly growing industry. 

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