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Hemp Extraction and the Versatility of the Coldfinger™ Commercial Extractor

Eden Labs Team

Ethanol extraction is far from new. In fact, this method of extraction is what Eden Labs was founded on in 1994. We helped usher in a revolution in ethanol extraction with the launch of Coldfinger™ technology, followed by our Hi-Flo™ CO2 systems.

Coldfinger Commercial Ethanol Extraction SystemThe hemp and CBD extraction markets have exploded across the country since this initial extraction revolution. Yet Eden Labs’ vision to promote clean, healthy extraction methodologies across various industries has not wavered in nearly 25 years. Eden Labs is fueled by the growth and expansion of its existing customer base and numerous successful startups and gives back by supporting a wave of social justice and medical applications politically. We are humbled to have an industry reputation that stems from quality extraction equipment, unparalleled customer service and a stellar R&D team. 

With the resurgence of ethanol extraction and the huge excitement related to cold wash ethanol, Eden Labs has invested heavily in producing a versatile solution that will deliver exceptionally well for our customers today and well into the future. 

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Our embrace of the ethanol extraction renaissance has led to a new line of Coldfinger™ Commercial Extractors.
 We now offer the largest and most sophisticated distiller/extractors in the industry, which can steam-distill terpenes or essential oils, extract cannabinoids with ethanol and distill the ethanol out of the finished oil. The versatility of our Coldfinger Commercial Extractor is ideal to suit businesses’ evolving needs in dynamic industries like hemp. 

What can a Coldfinger™ Commercial Extractor tackle for you?

A single system that does it all...

  • Terpene Distillation
  • Cold Wash Extraction
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Filtration
Witness the incredible versatility of ethanol extraction in this short video. We demonstrate the various extraction methods and efficiencies of each method using the Eden Labs Coldfinger™ Commercial Extractor.

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November 12, 2018