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How We Build Trust into Our Extraction Systems

Daniel Luebke

Trust is priceless. It takes time to build and when established, creates a sense of community and support. Trust facilitates exchange of ideas and growth. Without trust our society and economy would be less vibrant and robust. A lack of trustworthiness translates into a culture of conflict, isolation and buyer beware economic practices.

At Eden Labs, we actively cultivate trust. We believe that trust is the soil for planting and growing a successful business. Since our foundation in 1994, our primary goal has been, and always will be, to build trust directly into our products, service, culture and industry.  

Trust through Engineering, Materials, Fabrication, and Design

We engineer for maximum efficiencies, operational range and ease of use. Our customers can expect to run their machines 24/7. Here are a few ways our CO2 extraction machines build trust with operators;

We utilize a liquid pump. Utilizing a liquid pump makes the engineering of the system more sophisticated and liquid pumps are higher quality than gas pumps, which eliminates catastrophic carbonization of terpenes in the pump. Liquid pumps vastly increase throughput, produce higher yields and require far less maintenance.  

We optimize systems for highly-resinous material. With 22 years of research and development on a wide range of botanicals, it is clear highly resinous materials require optimized systems and specialized process parameters.

We use only the highest quality build materials. All vessels are built to ASME standards with 316 stainless steel. Our jacketed, oil separator vessels are rated to 2000 PSI, and use the highest quality German-engineered pumps built in the USA.

Eden Labs manufactures the safest and most stable supercritical extraction system ever built. The company set the stage for safe and non-toxic process development for a multitude of botanicals utilizing SCFE and ethanol extraction and then engineered systems to go above and beyond required safety standards. Planning like this makes everyday use worry free and increases long term value in the various standards in domestic and international regulated markets.

We provide Engineering Peer Reviews which is a platform for approval to operate in the strictest of national and international markets. We offer ASME stamped systems and meet GMP standards.

Trust through Service, Values and Integrity

The foremost value at Eden is providing “intentional service”. The services we provide and the relationships we build with our customers are intended to directly affect your long-term growth. Here are a few ways our teams build trust through every interaction with Eden Labs’ customers.

We offer the most experience in the industry. As an innovator and pioneer of extraction technology with over 22 years of experience, we have earned, retained and increased trust over decades.

Eden Labs has the highest rated customer service in the industry. Your time is precious. Our customer service team understands that every minute of extraction time is valuable and our service team listens and problem solves quickly and effectively.

We pair technical expertise and process development. Our technology consultants and R&D specialists work with every customer throughout the entire purchasing process to determine the best and fastest way for the customer to achieve desired products, production goals and bottom line impact.

Eden Labs is an active, vocal leader on emerging issues. We’ve helped shape government policies and actively assist various industries, including the cannabis and nutraceuticals industries on the importance of education, legalization, normalization, and growth through responsible business practices.

We have a mission of health and wellness. We actively promote healthy human consumables and whole plant medicine. We believe education and creating connection to increase awareness is key to meeting this need. Eden Labs works continually to educate the public and policy-makers to enable the necessary changes for the environment and our overall well-being as healthy human beings.

What are customers saying about Eden Labs?

Regardless of what we say, our customers say it better. See what leaders in the world of extraction and processing say about working with Eden Labs on our testimonials page.
October 17, 2017