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Raw High-CBD Extraction from a Hi-Flo CO2 System

Eden Labs Team

In a recently published a video you can get an inside look at how raw cannabis extract oozes from the collection cup of an Eden Labs 20L2K Hi-Flo CO2 Extraction system. The lab behind the video, Heylo Cannabis, also published some of the parameters related to their extraction.

The high-CBD, terpene-rich material has a brilliant gold color directly from the machine. The oil contains some waxes and water that were retained during the plant's curing process. Once the water is removed this oil can be packaged in vape cartridges and sold "raw" or distilled and sold as a "refined" product in Washington's i502 market to licensed cannabis retailers. 

Raw CO2 oil contains higher levels of terpenes and a profile closer to the "whole plant". 

Here are more details about the cannabis extraction Heylo shared:

November 01, 2017