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The Ultimate Pump for CO2 Extraction Has Arrived

Fritz Chess

Eden Labs announces a breakthrough pump technology now available with Hi-Flo™ CO2 Extraction Systems.

It's common knowledge across all industries that pumps are the weak link in any mechanical system. The pump is the "heart" of any machine. It delivers the fluids that are essential to the functioning of the machine much like the human heart keeps our blood flowing.

Many things can cause pump failure including, but not limited to, liquid pumps running dry, vapor pumps getting flooded with liquid, contaminants causing clogging or corrosion, moving parts wearing out, seals going bad, etc. Consequently, the search for the ultimate pump consumes engineering teams across a wide spectrum of industries.

So, What Makes The Ideal Pump for CO2 Extraction?

Aside from Eden Labs systems being virtually maintenance free, what would the ultimate pump look like? There are four basic functions a pump can be capable of, pumping liquid, pumping vapor, building pressure and pulling vacuum. Higher flow rate, higher pressure capability, deeper vacuum all add to the value of a pump. A pump that could perform all these functions with very little maintenance would be valuable indeed.

In the areas of herbal processing and extraction, all four of these functions are useful. In CO2 extraction, several thousand pounds of pressure are commonly used to extract valuable constituents from plant material with liquid or supercritical CO2. CO2 must be converted to vapor phase to separate it from extracts. Vacuum is often necessary to remove air from vessels or lower the boiling point of solvents or oils. Since many of these solvents are flammable, this perfect pump would also be explosion proof.

co2 cannabis extraction machine

The Ultimate CO2 Pump Has Arrived

...on Eden Labs systems (request more info via our Contact Sales page). It can be used for rapid extractions with liquid due to its high flow-rate and pressure capabilities. It can be easily adapted to Hi-Flo systems already in existence. It can be run slow in vapor pumping phase to do delicate monoterpene extractions and can be adapted to any gas booster system on the market to improve extraction efficiencies and reduce maintenance. Unlike the gas booster systems currently used by some competitors, it is not prone to breakdowns from volatile oils carbonizing and scoring the pump cylinders. Because it pulls a deep vacuum and is explosion proof, Eden's new pump can be used with ethanol, butane, propane, or any other flammable solvent that is used to perform herbal extraction making Edens compressed gas extractions systems ALL-IN-ONE units.

Many months of testing have gone into the development of this pump. An important component of this testing has been purposely subjecting it to some of the common mistakes that extractor operators make which break pumps such as; running a liquid pump dry, flooding a vapor pump with liquid and the number one error - flooding the pump with thick, resinous oils. This pump has powered through all of these scenarios.

Other benefits:

  • Energy efficient - No compressor needed.
  • Saves square footage in the lab - Fits on the extraction skid
  • Performs well in any density mode. Sub- or supercritical for monoterpene retention or making bulk oil.
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be retrofitted on practically any system not just Eden systems.  
  • All-in-one - compatible with any gas (hydrocarbon) or ethanol

Now that the R&D phase is wrapping up, the marketing phase is just starting with the publishing of this blog. If you would like to boost your profits and lower your down time, please contact Eden Labs.

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June 14, 2018