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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Vaping, Extracts, and Illnesses

Eden Labs Team

In the late summer of 2019 the United States and many other parts of the world awakened to a new reality - vapes containing nicotine, THC and other molecules are capable of causing illness and even death.

The reality of this situation is more complicated than many headlines or the glancing attention mass media can provide this drama. Vapes can be dangerous - but it is also clear how safe and clean vapes can be produced, and how consumers can protect themselves when buying cannabis vapes.

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has published sound advice that cuts through much of the noise around vape illnesses. The majority of cases occurred from products purchased “on the street” illegally - not through regulated cannabis marketplaces. 

CEO AC Braddock provided the following statement to CNN regarding the crisis:

"We are still in a bathtub-gin era with cannabis where there are a whole lot of people without access [to legal cannabis] and people who are not in the regulated market take advantage of this, and people who are new to the market take advantage of this," said AC Braddock, CEO of Seattle-based Eden Labs, a 25-year-old manufacturer of equipment that extracts plant oils.

Eden Labs has compiled some important points for both processors and consumers with respect to making and purchasing safe cannabis vape cartridges. 

How To Produce a Safe Vape Cartridge

  • Use a safe method of extraction such as CO2, ethanol, ice-water hash, or pressure. 
  • Start with clean material (limited-to-no pesticides, heavy metals)
    • Have your material tested before and after processing!
  • Avoid cutting your vapes with anything not from the cannabis flower
    • E.g. PG, VG, MCT, or artificial terpenes
  • During processing or post-processing, use only Organic Alcohol from a trusted supplier. Denatured alcohol should not be considered.

How to Know You’re Buying a Safe Vape Cartridge

  • It came from a legal, regulated entity 
  • The brand provides testing data, including THC and CBD
  • The brand discloses any pesticides used on the flower
  • The brand discloses any cutting agents used in the oil
  • The brand uses high-quality hardware, including PAX and glass CCELL

Questions? Feel free to ask our team in the comments section below.

September 24, 2019